Tareefan – Veere Di Wedding Song release now

Tareefan - Veere Di Wedding Song release now

The first tune from Veere Di Wedding- Tareefan, couldn’t have had more personality if it attempted. It’s Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor — definitely among the most famous female celebrities in the market now, Badshah singing (that differs from Badshah rapping) and clothing so trendy — to utilize a cliché — which vaginas might burst. The club disposition of this tune, Kareena and Sonam grooving and we’ve got the forthcoming veere di weddings insured. It could be a refreshing change in the shaadi ka gaana we’ve seen till today, and we aren’t complaining.

Tareefan - Veere Di Wedding Song release now

The key part is that man gaze has subverted as Kareena and Sonam take the functions generally defined as’man’ at Tareefan. Badshah sang the song and written by Qaran Mehta. The choreographer-turned-director has come to be extremely choosy from the projects she chose up but made an exception to Veere Di Wedding.

Tareefan - Veere Di Wedding Song release now

Farah previously said in a statement concerning the tune,”Here is the next music media I have conceptualized following Bluffmaster’s Ek Main Aur Ek Tu Hai. We have taken this tune to another level. The notion of a gender swap belonged to me, so we created the boys that the decorative bits in tune, with the women becoming the heroes.

Kareena plays a leading role in the movie — Kalindi, a lady who’s getting married, although she’s yet to come to terms with all the words of obligations and psychological baggage attached using a traditional Indian marriage. Sumeet Vyas also features from the film.

Tareefan - Veere Di Wedding Song release now

Before, speaking in the movie’s trailer launching, Sonam had stated,”We hope this movie does well. It’s necessary for this movie to do well so that we as girls will get our distance. We could break the glass somehow or another.”

The movie was taken across Delhi, Mumbai, and Phuket. Choreographer Farah Khan has worked with a tune for the film which also contains Punjabi rapper Badshah.

watch the video of Tareefan | Qaran ft. Badshah here……….



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