Sets of Super 30 | Hrithik Roshan gets this UNIQUE GIFT from a fan!

Sets of Super 30 | Hrithik Roshan gets this UNIQUE GIFT from a fan!

Bollywood on-screen character Hrithik Roshan rose to fame with his Debut Movie Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. The declaration of Hrithik’s wrath that Hrithik has made him a Superstar overnight, with his being a fan in abundance crosswise over quarters. As of late, the on-screen character has displayed a journal of a fan’s numerous experiences flawlessly assembled in a book, while on the sets of Super 30.

The impassioned fanatic of Hrithik, Pratik Chheda in an extraordinary signal got a book printed, incorporating recollections of the Superstar more than 18 years of his profession. Fan of the Hrithik’s reached the Sets of Super 30 in Mumbai to present the book to them. The Kalakaar learning about the fan’s presence called upon to meet him.

Sources from the sets share, “Hrithik was contacted by the fan’s gesture. Pratik Chheda (the fan) communicated to being a diehard fanatic of Hrithik since his debut movie, he wouldn’t leave a chance of seeing Hrithik and would frequently visit sets and areas where the artist would be available. Throughout the years, the fan assembled pictures and recollections of every one of his gatherings with Hrithik. Introducing the diary to Hrithik, he additionally demonstrated to him a tattoo of the Superstar’s name inked on his arms. Hrithik was left staggered by his fan’s affection.”

Throughout the years, Hrithik Roshan is a name synonymous to Bollywood with the entertainer winning hearts with his movies. Be it action, dance, dramatization or sentiment, Hrithik has been a total excitement bundle ideal from his first movie. His fame in India is just second to the Khan’s with Hrithik being the main Superstar throughout the most recent 2 decades.

The celebrity will next be seen treating his fans with his first biopic in view of the life of Patna based Math instructor, Anand Kumar. Super 30 will show Hrithik to the gathering of people in a never seen before avatar as the artist will be seen playing a Bihari for the first time on 70 mm screen. Photos of Hrithik’s Super 30 look, wearing cloth shirts and donning a whisker with unkempt hair are as of now prevailing upon the hearts of the crowd.



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