When Sanju asked he slept with ‘350 Women’, this is the way Dia Responded who’s playing Maanayata at the Sanju Movie

Sanju Movie | When Sanjay ask he slept with

As soon as the trailer premiered it rises countless views on Youtube and crowd also enjoyed Ranbir Kapoor acting as he’s playing Sanjay Dutt in the Sanju movie. But one scene in the trailer raised eyebrows when Ranbir Kapoor was asked at the movie, how many women he’s slept with to which he replies,“Prostitutes ko ginu? Nahi, unko alag rakhta hu. 308 tak yaad hai. Chalo aap safety ke liye 350 likh do.”

Rajukumar Hirani’s movies were made for masses, along with all of his films have some kind of message in it, and these days he is gearing up for his next launch with Ranbir Kapoor that is ‘Sanju’. The movie is a biopic, according to one of the most contentious stars of Bollywood ‘Sanjay Dutt’.

It’s a surprising fact for Sanjay Dutt’s lovers, but when requested to Dia Mirza who’s playing with Sanjay Dutt’s spouse Maanayata in the Sanju movie regarding what was her reaction when she read this particular dialogue, the celebrity shared with media,”I was shocked. I was like how is it even possible to get this done? And I remember asking Raju Sir (Rajkumar Hirani) relating to it. You know there’s something quite special about that moment and I feel some folks have sort of got it. I mean when you will see the film you’ll get it. The feeling I get from this is that there’s not anything about his life that is concealed from Maanayata. As his wife, she knows everything.”

Dia also talked about the challenges she faced while enjoying Maanayata” Any role is as hard or as simple as the writing is. When you are aided by this incredible team of people, especially such a great Director and when the writing is so solid, it really makes it easy for a performer to understand and then act on this.”

The film is going to hit the silver screen on 29-Jun-2018, it’s made by Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra.



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