Ranbir Kapoor Credits Alia Bhatt For The Positivity In His Life, Proving That Being at a Relationship With Each Other

alia and ranbir

Here is the best news we have heard all morning! Unless you’ve been living under a stone, you have to have heard rumors of a blossoming romance between Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The news of both superstars dating drove off many off and broke countless hearts. The set will be seen with all the big screen for the very first time in their forthcoming film ‘Brahmastra’.

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Alia and Ranbir -Love Birds

However, unlike many other stars, Ranbir and Alia decided to break from the ordinary and come out clean about their relationship, and we all clearly adore them for this! In an interview to leading magazine, Ranbir said in reply to the question if he is relationship Alia? “It is really new at the moment, and I don’t need to over talk. It requires time to breathe and it requires space. As a celebrity, as an individual, Alia is — what is the ideal word? — flowing at the moment. While I see her job, when I visit her behave, in life, what she provides is something which I am aspiring to for myself. It is new for us, so let it cook a bit.” Shocked? We were also! The actor also confessed to enjoying this new period of existence, being in a new relationship. He explained,”It always includes a great deal of excitement. It is a new person, it includes fresh beats. I believe I’m more balanced now. I appreciate relationships more. I am able to appreciate hurt and what it will do to a person a whole lot more than I could a few decades back.”

Ranbir Kapor and Alia Bhatt


After refuting rumors of a relationship for a long time, we are thankful the duo eventually came out and confessed to it! Alia at a recent interview to Film-fare also spoke openly about her feelings for Ranbir Kapoor. She said,”Ranbir is hearts” hinting at a possible link between the two.



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