Sanju Movie Song- Main Badhiya Tu Bhi Badhiya Video Release out now!

Sanju Movie Song- Main Badhiya Tu Bhi Badhiya Video Release out now!!!

We’d told you as to how the filmmakers were planning on releasing a tune now, branded Main Badhiya Tu Bhi Badhiya, where Ranbir is going to be viewed lip-syncing into a female’s voice. We were blown over by the Sanju trailer which had published in the next half of each week. We told you the way we had been counting the days down to the movie’s release, what with all the trailer giving us a glimpse into the fantastic world of upheavals which will be Sanjay Dutt’s life.

What’s us excited is that the tremendous ensemble cast of the movie, headlined by Ranbir Kapoor, who’s appearing like a replica of Sanjay. We’re awaiting the film with bated breath. So every time a tune from the movie released now, our joy knew no boundaries.

Sanju Movie Song- Main Badhiya Tu Bhi Badhiya Video Release out now!!!

Luckily, the tune Main Badhiya Tu Bhi Badhiya video song clarify why he is doing this. Sanjay’s dad was not convinced he could lip-sync in movies and also to prove him wrong, and he begins lip-syncing into a tune being sung live. Well, do not understand about Sanjay however, Ranbir indeed does not have some problems in lip-syncing within this song.

In reality, his expressions and body language, also, change while lip-syncing into the female’s voice. Shortly we see, Sonam Kapoor linking him she lip-syncs into the man voice. The tune is a gender bender that is whole. The choreography is also quite quirky. Considering the song portrays a younger Sanju, it’s aptly set from the’80s and likely against the background of a movie collection. Have a look new song here…


And it’s a complete bummer if you perceive that the celebrities that are playing singers at the tune will also be lip-syncing into the singer. Also, Ranbir is lip-syncing along together. Brain freeze.

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